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World Languages

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6th Grade World Languages

7th Grade Basic Spanish and French 

8th Grade Beyond Basic Spanish 

Spanish I

Essential World Language Standards for Middle School

In 6th Grade World Languages, we investigate questions like:
  • How many languages are there in the world?
  • Where are they spoken?
  • What do these languages look like and sound like?
  • How have those languages influenced English?
In 7th grade Basic Spanish and French, students:
  • Participate in a basic conversation using greetings, good-byes, and expressions of courtesy
  • Ask and answer questions that elicit simple information
In 8th grade Beyond Basic Spanish and French, students:
  • Introduce themselves and give basic information about their everyday lives   
  • State their likes and dislikes on a variety of familiar topics
In Spanish I, students:
  • Exchange basic information about themselves and people they know
  • Describe their daily routines and say which activities they prefer
  • Ask questions, answer questions, and make simple statements to keep a conversation going
  • Interpret materials and media from the target language and culture
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